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Common Structural Rules Software LLC (CSRS) is a joint venture company established by American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) and Lloyd's Register (LR) to provide industry with a validated and verified suite of software tools for CSR, which will meet the concerns of industry about the possibility of different interpretations of the requirements of CSR as a result of the software used in assessment, and hope that other societies will recognize the value of the suite and consider adopting it.

The CSR FE Analysis product incorporates MSC Software's Patran to provide capabilities needed for Design Review. The version of Patran incorporated is customized and non-full function. Companies with existing Patran licenses version 2014 and higher may opt to use these with CSR FE Analysis for a cost efficient configuration. 

A free trial of the CSR FE Analysis product with the embedded reduced-capacity Patran is available. Please contact support@csrules.com for further information.